Introducing squishies. These inhabitants of a far away planet have the habit of using their own life to build things. They are also really cute. I mean, just look at them…

They are also reasonably smart and generally they do find their way to where you want them to go.

Made for LDJAM 44 (theme “Your life is currency”).  Made by one person in 48hours (including graphics, programming, ...).

Post-Compo Changes:
I did a couple of fixes and one small change after the Compo

  • Changes:
    • added new section to the sandbox level, nothing else changed
      (the part going up from the text "More squishies on the right")
  • Small Fixes: 
    • fixed rare infinite loop causing the game to crash
    • fix for squishy trying to jump up the wrong way when below the platform
    • fix path finding not detecting a path to go up from the top of a blob
    • fix path finding finding paths which lead to jumping in mid air

Install instructions

Run the WebGL version or unzip the Windows version and run LDJAM44.exe.


Download 18 MB

Development log


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Hello! I found a bug: if you select squishy, construct it and while it is constructing, press "construct" button again, squishy starts to stretch and fly across all world like a demonic thing.

Haha, interesting, I didn't test that. :D

Thanks for reporting! I will look into it.

found that too i didn't look at  that comment

Fun concept, you ought to build it out more. Kindof has a lemmings feel. I wish you could un-construct those guys.

Thanks for playing. 

Yeah, not being able to un-construct can really get you stuck. I wanted to implement that still, but I ran out of time...