Game made in 48 hours with 4 people during the Global Game Jam 2018. See also

Experience the life of a lonely bat as he tries to escape the endless tunnel of mordor. Use your sonar to detect obstacles and avoid them. Catching juicy fireflies will fuel your bloodlust to continue your flight. Use the arrow keys to navigate and space to send out the sonar. For the XBox controller, use left joystick to navigate and Y button to send out the sonar.


  • Jeroen Penninck - Programming
  • Tristan Gybels - Art
  • Cédric Kamermans - Programming/Art
  • Hans Van der Zee - Art

Made with Unity

Install instructions

Browser version: see above.

Windows version: download, unzip and click "EchoCave.exe"

Android version: download and install the apk. Note: Android version has some effects disabled and is more difficult to play because of different controls. (Touch)
Left touch circle = use sonar, Right touch circle = move.


Download 41 MB
EchoCave_android.apk 49 MB


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so yea another glitch i found way to get out ma

Hey @flameboxer2,
Thanks for following and playing some of the prototypes in my profile!

Ha, you got out! Congratulations! As far as I know you are the first one to find the unintentional turn-back escape route bug. :) 

You seem to be good at finding glitches... I might remember that! ;)